Slim-fit jeans with shape memory effect Leoni


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5-pocket jeans »Leonie« in the limited edition by Amor Trust & Truth, in a mid-waist slim fit with a narrow tapered leg, skilfully emphasizes the advantages of the female silhouette. The high-quality cotton material mix has a dimensionally stable "shape memory effect" which ensures a long-lasting, flattering fit and pleasant skin and wearing comfort. Sweeping, accentuated seams on the side pockets as well as the subtle wash and a light crinkle effect round off the look perfectly.

  • 5-pocket jeans with shape memory effect
  • Subtle wash
  • Mid Waist
  • Slim Fit
  • Fluffy accented seams

Material: 87% cotton, 9% polyester, 4% elastane
Fit: Slim fit
Care instructions: Machine wash at 30°C